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When it comes to your email, it’s always safe to have a backup – just in case! Have you ever accidentally deleted an important email? What would happen if your email account was hacked and all of your messages disappeared? Or what if a huge catastrophe happened at your provider, such as a natural disaster, […]

This is amazing! We have a blog!

As you may have noticed from our post last week, the Northbound blog has been revived, and we plan on keeping it alive. With that being said, let us briefly explain our recent MIA status. We’ve been busy! That’s no excuse, so to soften the blow for not keeping this blog up to date for […]

Email Management

For personalized email addresses (, we recommend Google Apps, Microsoft 365 or Ultimately, managing our Client’s email on our own servers would require charging a monthly maintenance to run backups, security patches, updates and increase storage space. So we’ve teamed up with Google and Microsoft to deliver the best possible email service and ensure […]