Email Management

For personalized email addresses (, we recommend Google Apps, Microsoft 365 or Ultimately, managing our Client’s email on our own servers would require charging a monthly maintenance to run backups, security patches, updates and increase storage space. So we’ve teamed up with Google and Microsoft to deliver the best possible email service and ensure the most cost-effective solutions. Teaming up with Microsoft and Google allows us to provide:

• Instant backups
• Better security
• Guaranteed uptime
• Guaranteed server space
• Better performance
• Quicker setup
• Compatibility of mobile, desktop and tablet configuration
• Migration compatibility (if required)
• Faster mail client configuration (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.)
• And, ultimately a lower monthly cost to our Clients!

Google Apps and Microsoft 365 offer full functionality and configuration of mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook across multiple operating systems and devices. IMAP (synchronization of inboxes across multiple devices) is fully supported. Pricing is based on number of users per month. is currently free, but is only compatible with Windows products on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. IMAP is currently unsupported and email is accessible through the web.

Working with Google and Microsoft allows us to provide the best email service possible – check them out!

Google Apps


Microsoft 365



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