Moving Forward…

About a year ago, the decision to combine two strong talents into one, seemed like a logical step in continuing to grow as professionals. Equal parts design creativity and web development skills have proven to be an excellent mix of talent. Leading up to the launch of our company, we spent several months building a solid portfolio and fine-tuning our focus, process and efficiency. We needed to be ready to offer the best service available. 2013 arrived quickly and it was obvious that everything needed to be taken a step further…

What’s in a name? What’s in a logo?

Naming a company is not an easy thing to do. When it came time to deciding on a name for us, we spent a few months mulling it over and going back and forth about what was important in a name. A few things definitely came to mind:

  1. Avoid using design, creative, communications, development, graphics, etc. (every design studio seems to use these). But at the same time, to not lose a connection to what we offer.
  2. Make sure the domain name is available. Scooping up the .com is a must.
  3. The word(s) should be easy to remember / spell / say.

After careful consideration, we finally came to the decision of using Northbound Creations. We specialize in many different design and web services, but essentially what we’re doing, is creating. Whether it’s a line of code, or logo shape, every project we complete is a creation. Given our geographical location, northbound seemed to fit as well. The name is easy to remember, spell and say. Well, we think so, at least!


Surprisingly, the logo came together a lot quicker than the name. We needed a symbol that was clean and looked appropriate when placed next to the words Northbound Creations. Something that was easy to recognize. Something that also appealed to the weird side. A walking deer-human? Sure, why not.



Thank you for checking us out! This space is going to be our online hub where we aim to share our thoughts and experiences with anyone who is interested. There is plenty more to come and we look forward to a great first year as Northbound Creations. : )

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